Should You Register A Domain Through Your Web Host

Setting up your very own website is an exciting prospect indeed.

Whether you want to make a profit from selling a product or service or you just want a platform to express yourself, there are a few must-knows before you get started.

Deciding if it’s a good idea to register your domain name through your preferred web hosting service is an essential first step in setting up a successful website.

Should You Register A Domain Through Your Web Host

Whatever success may entail for you, it’s always important.

In this article, we will give you a transparent view of the world of domain names and web hosting.

By looking at both the pros and cons you will be in a good position to make the right call for your site because there’s not a one size fits all approach on this one. 

What Is A Domain Name?

Domain names are very important when it comes to managing a website. A domain name is an address people use when they type into a browser to reach your site.

Your domain name should be easy to remember and unique. You can register a new domain name with any number of providers. If you stop paying them, someone else can take over your domain name.

What Is A Web Host?

A website builder is a program that makes it easy to create a website. Websites are made up of pages, images, videos, etc.

Websites are hosted by web servers, which are computers that run software that helps people access websites over the internet.

Domain names and web hosts are two different things. You need a domain name for your website, but you also need a web hosting service to run your site.

Should I Register A Domain Name With My Web Hosting Company?

Registering a domain through your web host is free and it’s the best way to get started with web hosting because they have everything set up for you.

However, if you are looking for more control over your website or want to use a different service than what your web host offers then you can always purchase a domain name from another company and transfer that domain name to your new web host.

Do You Have To Buy A Domain Name And Web Hosting Together?

You can buy domain names and hosting from two different companies, but if you’re going to use them together, you’ll need to edit the DNS settings yourself.

If you buy your domain name and hosting from the same company though, you won’t have to worry about any changes. It’s also easier to manage and renew everything under the same dashboard.

Can You Move A Domain Name To A Different Company?

When you purchase a domain name from a registrar, you normally own the rights to the domain name.

However, if you want to move your site to another host, you need to contact them first and ask permission to transfer your domain name from one host to another.

You can also transfer your domain before the expiration date if you want to renew it later.

What Are The Pros Of Registering Domains With A Web Host?

There are many pros to registering your domain name directly with a web host, but the biggest one is price. When you register your domain, many web hosts will give you your first year for free.

That means you can host up to 10 domains for free for a full year. So if you want to start a business or website, this is a great opportunity. We have listed a few more of the benefits of doing this below. 

It Makes Set-up Simple

There are some ways to make registering a domain name much easier than others. You can use the same hosting company as your site or web host. This means your domain name will already be registered with them.

These companies usually charge less money than other companies. Finally, you could use a free service called

This is an easy-to-use site that allows you to register domains for free. Because it’s easier, your website can be online sooner.

It’s Much More Convenient

Hosting companies make managing your website easy by providing a single login and password for everything. You don’t need to worry about remembering multiple accounts or passwords.

The Technical Support Can Be Helpful

Domain names and web hosting are both very important for any business or individual. When you use more than one service, you can get confused about what each service does.

In addition, having them separate makes it hard to solve problems if something goes wrong.

Allowing one company to handle all aspects of your website means they can fix anything that goes wrong without you having to ask for help.

What Are The Cons Of Registering Domains With A Web Host?

There are a few reasons why registering a domain name with a web host may not be the best idea for your needs, and we have listed them below. 

Transferring Your Domain Can Be Harder

Website owners usually shift from one web host then onto the next when their site develops and their current host doesn’t have the ability to handle all of their data. You can easily transfer all your data to a new web host with a larger server capacity.

Most of this is really basic, but transferring your domain name starting from a single host to another isn’t quite easy.

It may require more investment and includes the right procedure. You can avoid this issue and other hosting problems by registering your domain name with a different host anyway.

It’s Not As Secure

When you set up a website, you need to make sure that your web host doesn’t get hacked. Hackers can change your domain name if they hack into your web host.

So, you should choose a web host that offers two different domains. Also, you should be careful about who controls your domain name.

You shouldn’t give your domain name to someone else because they might sell it to another company.

Your Web Host Could Own Your Domain

When you buy a web hosting bundle, some hosts will mix your domain name in with their names. You should be careful about what kind of company you get because you may end up with a scam website.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions of any web host before signing up.

User Service May Not Be as Thorough

All things considered, the domain name is something that a web host offers as an extra administration. It is not their primary service or revenue generator.

You can envision the level of attention they would put into dealing with your domain name and hosting issues related to it, whereas, a registrar depends upon your domain name as the fundamental wellspring of income.

They should be more open to any concerns and inquiries you could have about your domain name, than a web host.


As we said, this is an exciting time in your life. Building your own website is a monumental project that can see you gain financial freedom, build a company and showcase your passions to the world.

However, with all the excitement comes some big decisions that need to be chosen correctly. Deciding whether to register your domain name through your web host is one of these big decisions. 

It may seem simple enough at face value, but a wrong decision can have huge ramifications down the line.

For this reason, we hope very much that you were able to gain some guidance from this article and look to make the right decision for yourself and your site.

Matthew Jacobs