Kinsta Vs OVH

Kinsta is a great option for WordPress hosting. It uses the Google Cloud Platform, so it delivers excellent performance.

Kinsta Vs OVH

It also offers a wide range of features, such as free SSL certificates, CDN, etc. How does it compare to OVH? Our guide will help you decide between them!

What Is Kinsta? What Is OVH?

OVH is a flexible web-hosting platform. It offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service.

That means they focus on WordPress, and their customers don’t have to worry about maintenance issues such as updating the CMS or creating backups.

This makes Kinsta a good choice if you want to focus more on growing your website than on managing your own server.

You’ll be able to customize your site without having to worry about the technical side of things.

Kinsta is powered by Google’s cloud platform. Google’s network gives you better performance and security than other providers.

Google Cloud is of course one of the best platforms.

You’ll need to install WordPress yourself at Kinsta. They have a team of system admins who take care of everything else.

OVH offers more powerful services, but it doesn’t provide any support for WordPress users.

Kinsta is a simple tool that lets you host your site without having to worry about anything else.

You’ll be able to manage everything yourself, including updates and security issues.

OVH offers more affordable shared hosting options. Kinsta doesn’t offer the same level of service.

Kinsta has more data centers than OVH, but OVH’s servers are located in different countries. With Kinsta, you can pick your preferred location without paying extra.

Kinsta has both free CDN and DNS integration on its plans, but OVH isn’t able to offer these features.

Kinsta lets you migrate your site to their platform for free, but they don’t provide migration services as a part of their plans.

Kinsta (Also check out Kinsta Vs Inmotion) includes a custom dashboard designed for optimization of the WordPress experience. Kinsta enables you to set up staging websites on all plans, but OVH doesn’t.

The hosting market is full of difficult choices to make. There are many popular hosts, and both cheap companies and expensive companies are asking for your money.

Both of these are good hosting solutions, and can provide a good quality of service.

Either would be a reasonable option for many, but of course you have to pick the solution that’s right for you. Whatever your hosting experience, either could make a great choice!


All Kinsta plans include an APM tool to help you identify performance issues.

Kinstas give you a 30-day refund period, whereas OVH offers only a 14-day period and doesn’t offer any refunds. Kinsta also offers a very popular and rewarding affiliate program.


With Kinsta, you’ll get customized infrastructure powered by the Google cloud platform. You’ll also get in-house optimizations and WP expertise.

So you won’t have to worry about server optimization or maintenance. In addition, you’ll be able to host unlimited domains on this plan.

With Kinsta, you get a managed service that includes everything you need to run your website.

You’ll be able to migrate your site without any hassle, set up a CDN or premium DNS for your website, and more.

Managed hosting is when you pay someone else to take care of your servers. You get a lot more control over your site than if you were using an unmanaged plan.

Shared hosting means that many people share the same server. This allows you to use the same software and tools as everyone else. 

However, this also means that there could be problems with other users’ code affecting yours. Unmanaged hosting means that you’re responsible for everything on your server.

You’ll need to install any software yourself, but you won’t have to worry about backups or upgrades.

Ease Of Use

Kinsta plans offer a stress-free solution for businesses. They provide an affordable alternative to other managed hosting services.

Their managed hosting plans allow you to focus on your business while taking care of all the maintenance needs.

With Kinsta, you can start with a simple site and grow into a large enterprise.

You can quickly launch a new WordPress website using Kinsta. With OVH you’ll need to set up WordPress yourself and configure it before you start working.

Switching to Kinsta usually improves performance.


Kinsta has managed WordPress hosting means you do not need to take the role of a sysadmin to ensure your website runs at its very best at all times.

They provide you with experienced technicians  and customer service assistants who take care of everything for your site, so you can focus more on what matters most.

You can easily solve most problems by yourself. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need help, you can contact your web host’s support team.

Your web host may offer 24/7 support or provide access to WordPress experts.

OVH offers 24/7 support. But you need to pay extra for this service. You can get regular support via email, phone or chat.



Both OVH and Kinsta have their own control panels to help you manage your website. They’re available in multiple languages.

However, Kinsta has a dashboard that is intended specifically for WordPress site Management called MyKinsta.

OVH offers a simple interface for managing your website. You can create new domains, upload files, and set up email accounts.

You also get detailed information about your site’s traffic and visitors.

Cloudflare is a free service that helps you protect your website by securing it with SSL encryption and speeding up your site.

It also offers a one-click CDN (content delivery network) setup.

You can switch servers quickly and easily using a simple search and replace tool. And if you want to restart PHP, you can do that too!

For Devs

Shared hosting plans tend to be less expensive than their managed counterparts but lack advanced functionality. OVH‘s shared hosting plans are an exception.

If you want more advanced features, you should go for OVH‘S VPS and dedicated servers instead.

Kinsta was created with developers and regular users in mind.

MyKinsta has a broad range of developer-friendly tools, but it’s also intuitive enough that you’ll be able to use it without a web dev or sysadmin background.

They also include a lot of developers and engineers, which means they understand your needs and the kind of tools other web hosts often lack!

Some developer friendly features you’ll have access to at Kinsta include options to load your site via a reverse proxy.

You can also access your site’s most important files without restrictions.

With this service, you can use custom setups such as the Bedrock or Trellis panels. You can even change your PHP version with one simple click.

You can use the free Let’s Encrypt certificates with all the shared hosting plans offered by OVH.

To enable this option, go to your control panel, then select “SSL/TLS Certificates” under the “Hosting” section.


OVH has an average rating of 40% and an average support rating of 28%. Overall, OVH has a price score of 61% and an uptime score of 88%.

Shared hosting is a wholly different kind of service than Kinsta’s scalable cloud infrastructure. 

OVH uses Google’s newest Compute-Optimized VMs, and automatically allocates hardware resources to each site container as it’s needed.

You should choose an OVH plan if you’re looking for a fast and reliable web hosting service. With this type of plan, you’ll be able to host more than 10 domains.

Your website will load faster thanks to the CDN integration. And you’ll enjoy free SSL certificates and 24/7 support.


When using OVH, you should secure your server and website largely by yourself.

That’s fine if you have a Sysadmin background, but otherwise, you’ll need to set up firewalls, scan your site for malware, update software, etc.

All sites on Kinsta use Cloudflare’s firewall, which includes free DDoS protection.

They offer DDoS protection, among many other security features that keep their servers and site protected against malicious attacks.

VPS providers are very different. You should choose the one that suits you best. For example, if you want to use an isolated container, then you should go with OVH.

On the other hand, if you need to be able to access files over FTP, then you should consider using Linode or DigitalOcean.

Kinsta offers premium uptime monitoring for your WordPress sites. You can check the status of your sites every 2 minutes.

In case anything happens to your site, you get a free 100% hack fix guarantee.


You can easily migrate your website to Kinsta. Simply fill out a form, and they’ll take care of everything else. Their team will contact you to schedule a date and time for the migration.

Then you can follow along as they work on migrating your site.

With OVH, you can easily migrate your website to their platform. You can also use their migration tool if you want to move your content or data without any downtime.


Ecommerce is vital for many businesses, and WordPress offers some great tools and plugins for online shops.

However, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform, you should consider using a web host that is specifically designed for your needs.

Kinsta is optimized for online stores. Their solutions are configured to work out of the box with popular plugins such as WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

To optimize the speed and performance, they offer automatic purges of cache and archive pages. they exclude ‘My Account”, checkout, cart, etc. pages that shouldn’t be cached.

All Kinsta plans include CDN integration. You can enable a CDN at any time via the MyKinsta Dashboard. You can use MyKinsta to manage your CDN settings.

OVH also provides you the option of enabling CDN for your websites, but its custom CDN solution isn’t included by default.

OVH’s custom CDN service is available in three regions: North American, European, and Asian.

Both Kinsta and OVH offer unlimited monthly traffic.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you to learn all about Kinsta and OVH!

Matthew Jacobs