Kinsta Vs Inmotion

When it comes to web hosting platforms, you want to make sure that you pick the best one for you.

Kinsta Vs Inmotion

Many web hosting providers offer excellent features that can be difficult to choose between. Take two of the best hosting platforms out there, Kinsta and Inmotion, as an example. 

We often see website builders and content creators struggle between choosing one of these two web hosts, so we’re here to help! 

We will tell you all you need to know about Kinsta and Inmotion and assess the similarities and differences to help you make an informed choice about what web host suits your brand the best.

Read on for more! 

What Is Kinsta? 

Kinsta is a cloud-based WordPress hosting platform that offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts (Also check out Kinsta Vs OVH).

It also comes with many useful features such as free daily backups, malware scanning, site security monitoring, etc.

Kinsta is officially the highest-rated WordPress host (managed) on G2. 

What Is Inmotion? 

Inmotion is a web host that offers shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. They are based in the UK and offer great customer support via live chat or phone. 

Both Kinsta and InMotion have been around for a long time, and both have grown significantly during that time.

Both companies have a solid reputation and provide high-quality services. Let’s take a look at some of the key similarities differences between them. 

Web Host Plans 


Kinsta offers a range of hosting plans that vary in price. Let’s take a more in-depth look! 

To start, this web host offers a shared web hosting plan that ranges from $30 per month to $300 per year. The storage for this plan goes up to 3 GB SSD storage with 50 GB free CDN. 

They also offer 4 different business plans with varying levels of storage and bandwidth: 

– Business 1: $100 pm or $1000 annually, with 10 GB SSD storage and 200 GB free CDN. 

– Business 2: $200 pm or $2000 annually, with 20 GB SSD storage and 300 GB free CDN. 

– Business 3: $300 pm or $3000 annually, with 30 GB SSD storage and 500 GB free CDN. 

– Business 4: $400 om or $40000 annually, with 40 GB SSD storage and 500 GB free CDN. 

Finally, Kinsta offers two enterprise hosting plans:

– Enterprise 1: $600 pm or $6000 annually, with 80 GB SSD storage and 1000 GB free CDN. 

– Enterprise 2: $900 pm or $9000 annually, with 120 GB SSD storage and 1000 GB free CDN. 


InMotion hosting plans and prices look a little different from Kinsta. 

Shared Web Hosting Plans

Launch – $3.99 pm, with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited IP addresses, and up to two domains. 

Power – $5.99 pm with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited IP addresses, and up to six domains. 

Pro – $13.99 pm, with unlimited storage, bandwidth, IP addresses, and domains. 

VPS Hosting Plans 

VPS -1000HA-S – $24.99 pm with 75 GB of storage, 4 TB of bandwidth, an unlimited number of domains, 3 IP addresses, and 4GB of RAM. 

VPS-2000HA-S – $39.99 with 150 GB of storage, 5TB Bandwidth, an unlimited number of domains, 4 IP addresses, and 6GB of RAM. 

Dedicated Server Plans: 

Essential – costs $99.99, has 1 TB 7.2K HDD or 500 GB SSD storage, with a bandwidth of 6TB, 5 IP addresses, and 8GB of RAM. 

Advanced – costs $159.99 with 2TB 7.2K HDD or 500GB SSD storage, with a bandwidth of 10TB with 10 IP addresses and 16 GB of RAM. 

Elite – costs $229.99 with 2X2TB 7.2K HDD or RAID-1, 2x500GB SSD storage, with a bandwidth of 10TB, with 15 IP addresses and 32GB of RAM. 



Kinsta has many features that are valuable to those wanting to build a business online or make websites. These include: 

– Unlimited speed

– Google cloud platform 

– Secure 

– Fully managed 

– Bandwidth analytics and actionable traffic 

– Free SSL integration 

– Free migrations 

– Daily backups 

– A great customer support system, including 24×7 tickets. 

Kinsta also uses a control panel which ensures an excellent dashboard overview which you are able to register for free.

You are also able to execute comprehensive backup restoration and management, performance monitoring, premium DNS management, plus more! 



InMotion also has many features that prove useful to those wanting to build a business online or make websites. These include: 

– SSD hosting 

– SSH hosting 

– Shared cPanel hosting 

– Ruby hosting 

– PostgreSQL hosting 

– Dedicated servers 

– eCommerce hosting 

– A good customer support service 

InMotion includes a standard control panel with all of their packages. Its interface is easy to use, meaning it will be easy for even new users to manage.

It also has advanced features, such as Softaculous and phpMyAdmin databases. 

Not only is it easy for new users to use in general, but InMotion provides education for first-time users to teach them exactly how to use the cPanel, including a demo.

Additionally, InMotion takes pride in the fact that their cPanel includes solid state drives. This makes their web hosting much faster than many of their counterparts. 

Finally, with InMotions cPanel, you will find many content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, and much more!

When it comes to control panels, you won’t find many as good as InMotion, which comes complete with top security, file management, and email administration. 

Is Kinsta Reliable? 

We certainly think so! Kinsta currently has an SLA with a 99.9% uptime.

Not only that, but it has excellent security measures in all of its data centers, which ensures that your website is protected.

Kinsta uses up-to-date infrastructure technologies, so you know you’re getting some of the best features and services available.  

Is InMotion Reliable?

With a 99.99% uptime and reliability score, it would be hard to even pretend that InMotion is unreliable! InMotion has two data centers, which guarantee fast hosting.

However, this is only for their Business Class and VPS customers. 

InMotion does aim to provide strong web hosting speeds for clients on their other plans.

To do so, they collaborate with many large internet service providers and create peering exchanges. This helps to build a direct data connection and provides quick service for all. 

Pros And Cons Of Kinsta And InMotion: A Summary 

So, now that we have covered the basics, let’s give a summary of everything you need to know about Kinsta vs InMotion!

Pros Of Kinsta 

– Great customer support, including chat support and 24×7 tickets

– Free migrations 

– 99.9% uptime 

– Daily backups 

– Fully managed 

– Unlimited speed 

Cons Of Kinsta 

– A lack of phone support 

– No dedicated server plans 

– Limited shared hosting plans 

– No VPS plans 

Pros Of InMotion 

– Regarded for its reliability and flexibility 

– Advanced security to ensure your sites are always safe 

– A variety of ways to contact customer support 

– 99.99% uptime and reliability 

– Excellent cPanel which is beginner-friendly 

– Offers a variety of hosting plans 

Cons Of InMotion 

– Other web hosting providers offer similar plans for a cheaper price 

– InMotion does not offer promotions or coupons 

Kinsta Vs Inmotion: Which One Should You Choose? 

Both Kinsta and InMotion are excellent options for a web hosting provider, and we don’t envy you for having to make a choice between them.

Both of these web hosts offer excellent features, have a variety of plans to choose from, and will help your website to grow and thrive. 

InMotion offers more of a variety of hosting plans compared to Kinsta, but they are more expensive, and so may not be suitable for customers on a budget.

However, if you do invest in an InMotion plan, then you know you’re investing your money wisely.

InMotion offers many excellent features, including a beginner-friendly control panel, 99.99% uptime, and reliability, and boasts of a fast speed for clients on all of their plans.

Meanwhile, Kinsta is a little more budget-friendly than InMotion and still offers plenty of excellent features, including 99.9% uptime and reliability, free migrations, and daily backups – which are both great if you’re planning on switching from one web host to another.

However, Kinsta does not offer phone call support, and they have a very limited number of hosting plans available, which may be a dealbreaker for some customers. 

We believe that when you take everything into consideration, InMotion has the slight upper hand against Kinsta.

However, Kinsta is an excellent web hosting provider that will still provide excellent services for you and your business.

Ultimately, it is down to you as a customer, and your preferences, to decide whether Kinsta or InMotion is right for you.

Whatever you choose, we can almost guarantee you will love their services, and you will be happy with your choice. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a web host can be difficult, especially when there are a plethora of web hosts to choose from.

However, we hope that this article will help you make an informed choice between Kinsta and Inmotion. 

Matthew Jacobs