How To Monetize A Blog

Blogging is an easy task if you follow some basic rules. You need to be consistent, write quality content, and make sure your readers know what you want them to do when they leave your site.

How To Monetize A Blog

Blogs should be written as if your readers were sitting down to dinner with you. You want to make sure they’re having fun while reading what you write.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money (Check out How To Become An Amazon Affiliate). Affiliate marketers promote other people’s products. When someone buys something using a link off of your blog, you get a commission.

Affiliate programs are easy to join. You get paid commissions for every purchase made using your affiliate links. To find affiliate programs, search online for “affiliate programs” or “commission junction”.

Products that are in line with your niche are better than unrelated ones because your audience will trust you to know what you are talking about and are more likely to purchase them. 

Using Google Adsense To Advertise

Advertising is normally the most popular choice when you think about how to reach a profit with your website or blog. You can use GoogleAdsense to achieve monetization through advertisement.

Google AdSense is an advertising network run by Google that places advertisements on websites. When visitors click on an advertisement on your website, you earn money.

Ads will appear on your blog if you add the code provided by Google. You’ll get paid when people click on the ads.

You can also track the performance of your blog with AdSense.

Selling Ad Space

Selling ads directly is much better than using Google AdSense because you can make more money. You can also control how much you make by setting a flat rate instead of per-click.

In order to find companies to buy ads on your website, you will need to create a section on your website for this purpose. We would advise creating an ‘advertise here’ page. This page will supply information about advertising on your site, and it will also give potential customers the opportunity to get in touch. 

Alternatively, you can use a platform, such as Buysellads, to connect with companies that might be interested. This style of selling ads is a little more complicated than using Adsense.

But it does allow you more control over the companies that you allow to advertise on your website. It also gives you more control over prices, agreements, etc. 

AdSanity simplifies ad management for WordPress (Also check out WordPress Vs Webflow). It makes it easy to display ads on your site. You can also track views and clicks.

A sponsored blog post is an effective way of making money. In short, a person or organization pays you money to write about their product on your blog. 

Blogger networks offer bloggers a chance to make money by promoting brands. Influencer marketing is a type of advertising where people who have influence over others (such as celebrities) promote a brand.

This is done via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Companies pay influencers to promote their products or brands.

You can also reach out to brands to see if they’d like to partner with you. You can then write sponsored blog posts for their blogs and then get a backlink to your website. If you are making money from that website through advertisements and affiliates, it can be a great way to bring in traffic for your blog.

Another way of making money from blogging which is not too different from writing sponsored posts is writing reviews. If you know a bit about a product or service, write a review about them on your blog, and you could get paid for it. (if it is a nice review.).

Of course, you want reviews for products that are related to your blog niche and audience. 

Write An EBook

Selling e-books is another popular method of earning money online. Writing an e-book is easy and doesn’t require much time or effort. You can then sell that e-book over and again to your readers.

This e-book is written by Sarah Mae. She writes about forgiveness. Her target audience loves this topic. So she created this e-book based on a question she often gets asked by readers.

You can also create ebooks by using a tool called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). This allows you to upload your content directly to Amazon’s website. Once uploaded, you can then publish your ebook as a free download or sell it for a price. To learn more about KDP, read our guide here.

Sell Other Digital Products

Aside from e-books, you should also sell other digital products like templates, prints, etc. You can make money off of them if people buy them. This is what the scrapbooking blog called ScrapGirls does. They sell scrapbooking templates, printables, etc. Their readers are sure to love them.

Easy Digital Downloads is a great plugin for e-commerce. It includes features like shopping carts, customer management, discount coupons, and more.

Offer Online Courses

Blogs are great places to get inspiration for writing articles. I’ve used my blog to write about topics such as blogging, social media marketing, SEO, and content creation. I also use my blog to promote my books.

For instance, if you blog, you can sell video tutorials to your audience. Cole’s classroom is a great example of an online photography school that monetizes by selling courses. You can create a course as a downloadable PDF bundle or use a learning management system plugin.

We recommend using MemberPress to start your online course. As mentioned before, MemberPress comes with built-in features to easily create, maintain, and sell online courses!

Summary: Start Monetizing Your Blog Today

These proven and profitable monetization methods will help you to make money with your blog. You should choose one or two of them and start earning money right away.

With some hard work, what started out as a side gig could become a full-time income.

Matthew Jacobs