Does Squarespace Host Domains?

Squarespace is a web design tool that allows you to create beautiful websites without coding knowledge. They offer free plans for personal sites, blogs, and portfolios.

Does Squarespace Host Domains?

Since it began, Squarespace has gained over 2 million customers worldwide and is one of the top 100 companies on the Inc 500 list, thanks to its excellent features!

The company was founded in 2003 by Ben Chestnut and Jesse Dorogov.

If you want to build a website as part of your business plan, then Squarespace would be the perfect place to start! Not to mention, it’s very easy to use!

However, there’s a lot to learn before you get started, and so in this article, we will answer all of your burning questions about using Squarespace to develop your website and business.

We will tell you if Squarespace hosts domains, plus more! 

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is similar to an email address. It is the address of your website. It can be anything, .net, or

Does Squarespace Host Domains?

Yes, Squarespace does host domains. You can buy a domain through their service or they will give you a free domain when you sign up.

They also offer email hosting and other services, and, if you have an existing website with another provider, then you can transfer it to Squarespace!

What Is The Difference Between Web Hosting And Domain Hosting? 

Both web hosting and domain hosting are important aspects of running a successful business.

Web hosting is the space where your website resides online, while domain hosting is the process of registering a domain name.

Let’s look at the differences between the two types of hosting in more detail!

Web Hosting 

Web hosting is the space where all of the content of your site will be! Everything from images, videos, and text.

For example, if you were to use Squarespace to make your site, then Squarespace would be your web host.

In this instance, not only will Squarespace provide features and tools for you to make a successful website, but they also provide a place to have your content displayed.

This means that you don’t need to worry about finding a web host yourself!

Domain Hosting 

A domain host is very simple. All it does is provide a domain name that customers can type into the internet search engine to find you.

Think of it like your street address that you’d tell a cab driver so they can take you home, while your website is your actual apartment. 

A domain host will store domain names. So, if someone wants to visit your website, they’ll type in your domain name (like “”) into their browser.

If you own that domain name, then you’re good to go!

It is a good business plan to have your domain host and web host in the same place. 

So, What Do You Need To Know About Domain Hosting?

You should always choose a reputable domain host. There are many different ways to check out a domain host. Here are some tips:

Check reviews – Look for customer reviews and feedback. Do they seem happy with their experience? Are they giving you positive ratings?

Look for a fast response – How long does it take them to respond to emails?

Look for a reliable company – What kind of support do they offer?

Why Should I Use Squarespace As My Domain Host? 

If you already have a website, then you may be wondering why you would ever consider switching over to Squarespace as your domain provider.

Well, here are some reasons why you might want to switch.

For one, Squarespace is your web host, then it will be much more convenient for you to make it your domain provider, too.

Additionally, it is extremely simple to set up your domain host! When you first sign up for a Squarespace account, they walk you through how everything works.

It’s easy to get started, even if you’ve never used Squarespace before. 

Why Should I Use Squarespace As My Web Host?

Why Should I Use Squarespace As My Web Host?

There are plenty of reasons why you should use Squarespace as your web hosting provider. Squarespace provides excellent features, and some of these include:

24/7 Support – They offer excellent customer support, including 24/7 support via phone, chat, email, and live chat.

Unlimited Space – Their plans give you unlimited space to upload files, images, videos, etc.

Free Templates – They offer tons of free, beautiful templates to help you get started right away.

Easy Setup – Once you sign up for a Square designs account, they walk you step by step through how everything works.

Flexible Pricing – You can pay per month, per year, or project. The pricing varies depending on which plan you select.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Switch From Another Domain Hosting Company?

The price of switching from a third-party domain host to Squarespace depends on what package you decide to purchase.

For example, if you were using Bluehost, you could expect to spend anywhere between $10-$50 per month.

However, the prices vary depending on the package you choose.

Can You Buy Your Domain From Squarespace?

Yes, you can buy your domain directly from Squarespace! When you first sign up for Squarespace, you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your first order.

Your domain name will be added to your account once payment has been completed.

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Domain Name With Squarespace?

The cost to register a domain name varies depending on whether you are purchasing, .net, or any other extension.

For example, if you choose, then you will pay $12.99 per year. If you, then you will pay just $9.99 per year. You can select either option at checkout.

How Do I Add My Domain To Squarespace?

You can add your domain to Squarespace through the Domain Manager. This will allow you to manage your WHOIS information, DNS records (Also check out What Is PTR?), and more.

– To access the Domain Manager, click the gear icon () next to your account at the top right corner of any page.

– Click Manage Domains.

– Select Add New Domain.

– Enter the domain name you wish to use.

– Select the type of domain (com, net, org, etc.)

– Enter the email address associated with the domain.

– Enter the password associated with the domain. You must also enter this into your Squarespace dashboard.

– Click Save Changes.

Final Thoughts

Squarespace is an excellent option for your domain name and web hosting provider.

Not only does it provide an excellent handful of features and tools to elevate your brand, but it also provides excellent customer support that will ensure you feel heard. 

Squarespace hosts both websites and domains. You can get a free domain name when you sign up for Squarespace, but you can also purchase one from them!

Additionally, you will be able to move your domain name to Squarespace from a third-party provider.

The only thing you will need to keep a note of is the varying prices that come with switching to Squarespace. 

Using Squarespace to host your domain is a great business plan – so why not do it today? Your brand will be booming in no time! 

Matthew Jacobs