Best Google Web Fonts How To Use On Your Site

There are hundreds of free Google Web Fonts out there, but which ones should you choose? Plus, how do Google Web Fonts even work? 

Google Web Fonts is a collection of over 800 free fonts from Google. They offer a wide range of styles, allowing designers to create amazing designs without having to pay for premium fonts.

The best part about Google Web Fonts is that the fonts are easy to implement into most websites, and it’s not difficult to learn how to use Google Web Fonts. 

It’s important to remember how crucial a font is to the world of design. The type of font used conveys a specific message, and it can impact how a brand is perceived.

Best Google Web Fonts How To Use On Your Site

As there are hundreds of free Google Fonts out there, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 best Google Web Fonts. 

Google Fonts is imperative to any website, so if you want to upgrade your website or blog to a professional standard, then you need to start using Google Fonts.

In this article, we discuss not only the greatest Google Fonts, but how to actually use the fonts — so if you’re not a tech wizard, don’t panic!

It’s simple and easy to use Google Fonts. 

What Are Google Fonts? 

Google Fonts was launched in 2010 by Google, and it allows users to find new fonts online and upload the fonts directly to their website.

There are more than 800 different fonts available at no cost. Google Fonts are used commercially by global companies, as well as by bloggers, who often use Google Fonts to upgrade their business. 

Typically, Google Fonts is most used by graphic designers, web designers, social media managers, artists, researchers, and even teachers. Pretty much anyone can use Google Fonts, even if they are not from a design background. 

Why Do People Use Google Fonts?

The main reason people use Google Fonts is due to the fact that there are 850 fonts available to Google Font users.

That’s an incredible amount of fonts, and all the fonts are of excellent quality. There’s pretty much a font for any design needed, and they’re produced by a reliable source, Google. 

Another reason why people use Google Fonts is that they are free. People do not have to spend money buying premium fonts, which means their business saves money.

They also save time, since they don’t have to search through countless websites to find the right fonts. 

While there are other websites that offer fonts, they can often be pricey, and they’re not necessarily better quality than Google Fonts. 

Why Does Font Matter?

Font matters because it impacts how a brand is perceived by customers. Designers know the importance of choosing the correct font for their branding, and Google Fonts helps them achieve this goal.

If a brand does not have the right font, it makes the brand look amateurish. This can make customers feel disappointed and unimpressed with the company. 

If a brand uses a font that doesn’t fit its image, it could potentially damage the brand and cause potential customers to lose trust.

For example, if a brand is selling products, such as organic food, then the font should match the product.

A font that is too large and bold for the company’s name might give off the impression of being cheap or low-quality, and does not reflect the prestige of organic food. The type of font used is critical to a brand’s image. 

A good designer knows the importance of choosing the perfect font, and Google Fonts offers many options. With over 850 fonts, Google Fonts provides plenty of choices. 

How To Use Google Fonts 

Using Google Fonts is easy, and we have provided a step-by-step guide to make using Google Fonts even simpler. 

1. Visit the Google Fonts website, and select the type of font that you want to use. The website has a filter option, which makes it easier for finding the specific font.

To discover new fonts, just click the ‘featured’ page. There’s a wide variety of fonts, so make sure that you select the font that’s right for the project. 

2. To select a font, just press the ‘+’ button that appears when the font is selected. When the font is selected, click the option that says ‘selection drawer’.

This is where the code will be found, but there is also the option to download the fonts. 

3. Copy the code, and then paste the code into the HTML and CSS section of the website you wish to upload the font to.

All that is required is for the HTML code to be copied and pasted in the head section of the HTML doc. 

For the CSS section, copy and paste the CSS code into the CSS file. This is completed by adding the CSS font-family rules into the body tag section of the CSS file.

4. Save the files, and then refresh the page. After that, the Google Font will be uploaded to the website! 

The Best Google Fonts

Below is a selection of the five best Google Fonts that Google Web Fonts has to offer. But remember, Google Web Fonts offers more than 800 fonts, so there’s a font for every project! 

1) Lato 

Lato is a font that is designed to work in a body of text, but it can also be used in titles to stand out. It’s a type of sans serif font that is considered to be slightly round. It’s a very practical font that is professional. 

2) Merriweather 

Merriweather is a font that should be used for reliable readability on digital screens. It’s often used in long texts, but it’s very common for Merriweather to be a font used in headlines and titles.

It’s very easy to read Merriweather, which is why it’s common for Merriweather to be used in commercial settings. 

3) Open Sans 

Open Sans is one of the most common fonts used in the design. It’s practical and can be used in most projects. It looks smart and professional, making it a very classic type of font.

Furthermore, it is suitable for print, web and mobile use. 

4) Barlow

Barlow is one of the coolest fonts on Google Web Fonts. It was designed to reflect the state of California, as it shares common traits of the typography found on California state license plates, trains and road signs.

It’s considered to be a round font with low contrast. 

Barlow also has good readability, making it ideal for web and print.

5)  Muli 

Muli is a font ideal for any minimalist design. The font was originally designed to be used as a display font. However, it can work as a text font too, due to how the font is spaced. It’s very commonly used by businesses that want to convey a minimalist message. 


Google Web Fonts is easy to use and can help a business, or a brand, become a professional overnight.

Having the right font is critical to a brand and business becoming successful, as the font reflects the personality of the business.

Google Web Fonts offers over 800 great fonts that are all available for free, making it simple to find the right font for the business or brand. 

Matthew Jacobs