About Us

A hosting platform is step one of creating your website, and the decision could make or break your project. So, you have to choose the right one if you’re going to capitalize on your online presence. 

That’s where I (hopefully) come in. Hello, my name is Matthew Jacobs and I have made a living on various blogs and websites. But, trust me, I haven’t always been able to say that with such confidence.

When I was 18 years old, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and I was floating between gigs. This was during the time where YouTube was starting to be a great career option and blogs were really blowing up, so I thought - why couldn’t I do that? 

I sat down to write my first blog and created a really bad website on a free hosting site without looking into it. Needless to say, that blog failed. So did my second and third. My fourth crashed and burned within a month. 

So, I’d had four failed attempts at blogging and I was giving up hope. But I had still not found a career path that I wanted to commit to. That was when my father told me to actually research and plan something rather than just winging it. At first I dismissed it and wallowed some more in my self pity. 

But that night, I decided to actually take this advice - and thank goodness I did! I got myself on a reputable hosting platform that helped me push my website out and gain some traction. 

Sometimes I think of all of the time that I wasted with those four first blogs, and where I’d be now if I had only put the work in from the get-go. So, here I am to tell you how important it is to get yourself on the right hosting platform! 

Hopefully this website can help you in getting your blog out there and capitalizing on it as much as you can. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make a name for yourself!